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A.D.S. Management signs Johnny La

Talent management company A.D.S. Management has officially signed Johnny La. Andrew Stawiarski will be representing him as his manager.

"I am excited to share some wonderful news today. I will be signing with A.D.S. Management. I am very grateful to have both an Agent and Manager guide me through my career here in LA." - Johnny La

About A.D.S. Management

Since 1999 Andrew Stawiarski has been working towards creating a

link between Actors and the Casting Community. Andrew opened A.D.S. Management in


Andrew Stawiarski with A.D.S. Management

A.D.S. Management is a full service management company

representing Talent and Projects for film, television, theater,

hosting, print, on-camera commercials, industrials and voiceovers.

Based in Los Angeles, A.D.S. Management is constantly developing,

not only fresh new talent of all shapes, sizes and ages but also

working actors as well as Projects for both TV and Film.

Andrew Stawiarski was raised in the Midwest and has considered

Southern California his home for over 25 years. A graduate of UCLA,

Andrew has a background in Music Theory and International

Relations. Working with established Talent Agencies, Andrew has

booked talent in most Primetime Episodics, Major Motion Pictures,

as well as Independent Films.


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