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Johnny La signs with Hollywood agency Tangerine Talent

Actor Johnny La has officially signed with talent agency Tangerine Talent, marking his official start of being represented in the Los Angeles industry.

"Tangerine Talent is a fresh, committed talent agency for actors of all types. We represent you as a working actor and look after your interests. We match you to available roles and put your face in front of casting directors.

As a dedicated, SAG Franchised, licensed talent agency (TA-000299381), we strive to diversify your experience with a solid variety of bookings. We book talent for the commercial, print and new media projects."

After relocating to Los Angeles in September 2014, Johnny La was able to secure a contract with Tangerine Talent in just 2 months, enabling him to audition for the high profile roles available in Hollywood.

"I am excited to start my journey with Tangerine Talent, and work with agent Michael Zdarsky. As an actor, I know it is difficult to secure a talent agent, especially here in Los Angeles where it is competitive. I am grateful to have been selected by a reputable agency, and will work hard to continue my creative journey." - Johnny La


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